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9 Steps To Financial Freedom by Suze Orman

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Short book which suggests the focus financial freedom is not about having lots of cash but the aim should be to be content with what you have. This is the major learning point.

Think back to your earliest experiences of money these explain reasons for perhaps unusual views or actions around money you may have.

Think about your monthly budgets add on £1,000 to obtain an estimate of what you spend.

Book goes into great detail about spending, work out annual forecast, include bills that are intermittent such as car repairs.  For each category of spending then see which you can minimise, for example reduce the frequency of haircuts.

One of the main things it says is the fear of money, both losing it or not having enough causes people not to be financially free. This book suggests irrespective of finances people are afraid of money simply because they are consumed with concern about what to do with it.

Several generic things like, maximise your pension plan, file your taxes, consider appointing a power of attorney and give to charity (what goes around comes around).
Consider obtaining relevant insurance policies, although caution written by an insurance salesperson. Worth a listen, may be a useful catalyst to reviewing your finances and improving them.

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