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Stand Up

Stand Up Paddleboarding, a great sport to try

Recently started Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), it is a great experience which I thoroughly recommend. You can test your skills against the water whilst developing your balance and core strength. It reminds me of skiing in that you have to be mindful and focus on the moment whilst being at one with nature. It is also a good way to meet people.

How to hang a SUP from the ceiling

Factors to consider

Wind is important – aim for less than 15 mph, or ideally 10 mph.  
Bend your knees if you need more stability
Don’t be afraid to sit down
Swell and tides are important
Aim to SUP on places with less rocks
It is easier to carry the SUP board inflated

Recommended Free App:
What3Words The whole world has been divided as a grid in 3m X 3m squares assigned unique words. Good for sharing location – used by emergency services.  If you drift out to sea phone the coastguard and give them your unique 3 words.  It will be quicker to find you!

Go Paddling Shares locations of paddlepoints across the world.

Strava useful if you want to track your paddle

If on the coast it is worth looking at the tides, this is a great website.  Depends on your coast but 1 hour before and after high (or low tide) is best. The time to avoid is in the middle of low and high tide when it is changing rapidly.

For a beginner a thicker board is generally more stable. The more expensive boards tend to have a double layer rather than a single layer. The narrower the board the harder they are to balance, but faster they go. The board comes with a leash that you can put round your leg so when you fall off it won’t go too far. If you are using this on a river it is best to get a coil quick release. Before starting you really should be able to swim well. For safety it is worth getting a buoyancy aid. Have found carrying a rope is useful as can be used to tow others.
First thing I learnt was that gloves were essential in Scotland! Hope you find those recommendations helpful. Bend your knees, if you need more stability. Don’t be afraid to sit down. Swell and tides are important. Aim to SUP on places with less rocks It is easier to carry the SUP board inflated.
Below are my Amazon referral links – you would pay the same as direct from Amazon, I may receive a small commission. Clearly there are also other websites that you may want to use, worth considering Quidco which is a cashback website you click on first then go to the next website and may get some cashback.

Recommended Products

When you start SUP you suddenly have to make lots of decisions about what bits of equipment to purchase. You don’t just need the board!
I spent quite a lot of time thinking about this and trying to select the best value items. When you have to buy for kids as well the costs stack up. To save you from decision fatigue here is a list of items that you may want to consider, with the Amazon links, note prices at time of writing these fluctuate.


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