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A portfolio general practitioner, who has developed an interest in learning about all aspects of self-improvement.



Summarise large amounts of information into useful actionable knowledge.


Help as many people become the best they can be and keep learning together.


Persistence, perseverance and positivity!


Help you to get the most out of your life!

Great blog by @faisalj95
Psychological Safety in Healthcare
Summarises some of @AmyCEdmondson work

DigiFest2021 #DigiCare4Scot #DigiFest21 - Great discussions about reducing carbon footprints and reducing digital exclusion @TECScotland @DigiCare4Scot

Well meaning campaign by @NHSScotland for social media shares to raise an awareness about an important issues.

1. Campaign called RESPECT - confusing with ReSPECT
2. New Dale Chall Readability: 8.2 (11th or 12th grade student)
3. Prefer my YouTube thumbnails 😆

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Here are my referral links to websites that I recommend which I could earn a small incentive for referring you to.


Amazon is a massive online retailer which you can buy pretty much anything on. If you are a student you can receive Amazon Prime at a reduced rate. Note via this website am an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Great way to outsource tasks and increase your productivity. Also helps you build your own skills by learning about new things.


Gousto is a website that sends boxes which contain up to four recipes with full ingredients to your door. Really delicious meals that you can cook. Have been doing this for a few years and my cooking has improved. Plenty of choices to select from. This referral link should give you a discount as well, enjoy.


Groupon is a great way to find deals. Can search for things locally, such as days out with family, restaurant vouchers, short breaks, larger holidays or purchase a range of bizarre items through the post.


Quidco is a cashback website. If you are going to make a purchase on the internet worth checking if you can ‘go’ via this website first. A few extra clicks may provide additional cashback. Most big websites are available via Quidco only one that really is missing is Amazon.