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Creativity rules: Getting Ideas Out of Your Head and Into The Wold by Tina Seelig

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Passions grow out of action, so take action and experience new things. This is a good way to find a cause that you’re passionate about. Innovation is often getting disparate unrelated disciplines to merge together. If you can take an idea from one discipline and merge it with several others you can potentially establish an improved innovation.

You can’t just imagine things, you need to imagine the plan to achieve it!

If your objective is to achieve something of merit, you need to begin with a clear vision of your goal. The vision can be tied to your experiences utilising imagination. By actively engaging in the world, you identify problems and opportunities and then identify solutions as to how you might address them. Book suggests all great ventures and adventures begin with imagination. This, in turn, leads to the next stage in the Invention Cycle— creativity. It is here that you apply your imagination.

Companies with a strong mission are much more likely to succeed than those that are focused only on money.

The more experience you obtain the more options you get, therefore you have to weigh up these options and focus on the ones that are the priority at that time. It is important to use time wisely to obtain skills that you are looking to achieve.

Creating an environment that assist your team to produce output. Telling a “sticky” story can compel others to join you. Frame the story so that it has the greatest impact, using storytelling techniques for example use ‘the story spine’.

Whether you know it consciously or not, you’re influencing others in every one of your interactions. Therefore use these principles of influence to compel others to action, if you can bolster your charisma it can increase your effectiveness.

To maximise the impact of your vision you do require a critical mass of avid supporters. This is why inspiration is the keystone of the Invention Cycle. It provides the spark that leads to the next wave upon wave of imagination, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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