Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Thinking Skills by John Butterworth and Geoff Thwaites

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Detailed book that explores arguments in an attempt to make your reasoning skills better. Suspect aimed at final year secondary school students to help with logic tests for getting into University. Defines words and concepts such as ‘premise’ and ‘fallacy’ in detail.

A flawed argument is one that reaches conclusion(s) incorrectly drawn from available evidence that formulates the conclusion(s). These can be flawed irrespective if conclusion predicts the correct outcome.

Contains exercises at end of each chapter. If you want you can write down and explore different statements to see which one contains the most valid argument.

To construct an argument, provide a statement with relevant background and around three supportive things that assist reaching a conclusion.  The purpose of book is to increase critical reasoning, meaning it not the most enjoyable book to read but if you want to improve your reasoning skills worth reading.

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