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Influencer: The Power to Change Anything by Kerry Patterson et al

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Nice book that provides suggestions based on evidence about how to influence people.  This may be to overcome bad habits (such as eating chocolate or drug use) or to adopt healthy ones (such as exercise and deliberate practice). 

One of the main points is the importance of environment, adapt this by putting things near to encourage use and far to discourage use.  The word for this is propinquity which is defined as ‘the state of being close to someone or something’.

Stresses the importance of understanding motivations there are different agendas for different groups of people.  Therefore try to give people what they are interesting for example a CEO may want data about profits and will interpret this thinking of shareholders.  Whereas in the same organisation a sales assistant who deals with angry customer handles complaints may want data on customer satisfaction.  If you are in a meeting with different groups and are able to provide data from multiple sides this can lead to productive meetings, as people can start to think from different viewpoints.  Be cautious however not to just don’t overload them with data.

Suggests there is a management game of chicken in meetings, in essence nobody wants to be the one who admits they are behind first, even when you all are. This practice occurring in meetings represents poor culture in the workplace.

The importance of social peer groups being involved in changing behaviour is highlighted.

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