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Lead with Luv: A Different Way to Create Real Success by Kenneth H. Blanchard & Colleen Barrett

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Focus is on servant leadership, in which the goal of the leader is to serve. One of the authors was president of Southwest airline and never wanted to become a CEO; she was always more interested in the people side of things. She enjoyed serving more than being served and giving rather than getting.

Contains general tips – give specific praise both at work and at home, treat others way you want to be treated and of course with respect.  It can be helpful if you like bringing smiles to people’s faces.

Get right the triple bottom line – profit (economic performance), planet (environmental performance) and people (social performance) – these overlap into sustainability. 

In addition include a compelling vision along with and short-term goals and initiatives.

Firstly treat your employees well, secondly customers well, then thirdly share holders well. You are aiming to become the employer of choice, the provider of choice, and the investment of choice.
Treat your People right, and good things will happen! 

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