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More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert

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Interesting book about polyamory, it actually contains very detailed relationship advice which could be useful for anyone irrespective of what type of relationship they are in.

Trust, courage, abundance and ethics are themes covered. Jealousy is a key theme, people may say they won’t become jealous but almost certainly will. 

Polyamory means having multiple relationship – these are not just sexual relationships, working as a team you can potentially provide more support to each other, however this understandably makes things very complicated.

One issue to be aware of is that if you invite another person into a couple relationship there is no going back.  Overtime people change and situations change irrespective, but the big risk is that if you experiment with polyamory it certainly isn’t feasible to go back to how it once was.

Some couples may have a predetermined ‘veto’ in which a partner can override the other’s wishes to see the new person.  Or they may have already agreed certain rules such as not to sleep over at someone’s house or you would spend time with the primary partner over the secondary partner at their request.  This however is determined as unethical as really the other person doesn’t get a say in these rules, they are a person not an object after all. 

Communication is key for polyamorous relationships, particularly as there may well be more than three involved with more people this becomes more complicated, therefore it is important to deeply reflect about what you as an individual want and what your partners needs are and communicate these. 

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