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Motivate Like a CEO: Communicate Your Strategic Vision and Inspire People to Act! by Suzanne Bates

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Fairly basic book; connect to people, communicate purpose and provide the people you are leading with power. The power you provide allows meaningful change to occur that moves the company in the direction you want to go.

Connect others with their own power and purpose – if you can do this will go the extra mile.

Find what motivates individuals in your teams, after their essential needs are met money is unlikely the main factor.

First find out your own passion. To find your own passion use curiosity, learn and discover new things. Research this widely thereby developing a passion which is apparent to anybody that you meet.

Attempt to get staff to take responsibility, make teams work together motivated by a common goal knowing that working together is important.

Develop the skill to tell stories, this is not a gift some people have, it is something to develop. Tell stories about what has occurred to you as a person and the vision of what you want to occur to get a personal connection with the audience.

Continue to have ongoing training in communication skills, there are a broad range of communication to develop. Finally practice providing presentations.

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