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One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days by Brendan Kane

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Can you use techniques that stars such as Taylor Swift use to build your social following and even if they can what is the point? 

Followers can be very useful – for example if there are two actors equally qualified and one has a million followers and the other has no significant following the actor with the greater numbers of followers is likely to be hired.

So the author who handles marketing for stars goes out to build one million followers in under a month by applying techniques he uses for the stars. 

How does he do this?  Disappointingly the main thing he recommends uses is using Facebook paid ads which you would can keep testing and adapting depending on their performance.  So you may have the same advert with many different slight alterations in which you can target specific demographics and see which ones are most successful.  When you have the successful advert then you can promote this one more.

This iterative approach works very rapidly, a beauty of social media, as almost immediately you can see which advert is doing well and get inspired from what’s already working out there. Go out, test content, measure the response, and iterate quickly.  Vary content according to platform.

You may wish to first get followers in the emerging markets, via advertising these are cheaper to obtain than in the USA or the UK, the knock on impact is that you then have more credibility to build your audience in the USA or the UK. 

Principles to note:

  • Serve others, try to give to others and think about them first.
  •  A good headline will up your shareability factor, this makes your message clearer and your audience will be more likely to look at the content.
  •  Use subtitles, don’t assume that people are watching your videos with sound.
  • Keep video introductions to a minimum. Go straight into something fast paced and exciting. Remember that you only have a second to hook someone and grab their interest.
  • Play into the unexpected. Have twists, especially at the end of videos.
  • Each piece of content should stand on its own. Many people won’t have seen any of your other content and even if they have seen if all you can’t expect them to remember it.
  • Don’t force an obvious call to action. Get your audience to share by giving them a reason to involve their friends, not by saying something obvious like “Follow me!” Think of something creative and fun to engage people into performing a specific action.


The aim of your advert is to provoke emotion so that others share this.  Shareable content is the number one way to grow quickly and keep fans engaged. 


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