Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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Spiritual book that is written by responding to common questions.  Starts with an interesting analogy in the forward of a beggar sitting on a box that contains gold.  The beggar is unaware of the contents of the box until he looks in the box.  The point is you have to look within yourself to establish what is there! In everybody the best thing is hidden in themselves this is is peace within their own mind.

Suggests you should observe the internal dialogue voice, acknowledge it, realise that the thoughts include abuse, overcome these by simply listening.  This is allows you to have the ability to be a mindful.

When we waiting this is generally perceived as being bad. You can wait whilst actually remaining present, don’t let your life pass you by and enjoy being present in the waiting experience.

Don’t complain, instead take action and change what you were doing, the negativity of you complaining is not of use.

Do what you have to do but accept what is.

In a relationship you should be aiming for your partner to bring you out to a full sense of consciousness rather than happiness.  Happiness relies on other factors, where as consciousness and being present can be obtained irrespective of these. Therefore being present with each other allows you to be fully conscious.

Use history to gain perspective and enlightenment on current situation, do not be trapped in a situation that you rely upon to establish your identity. Particularly avoid a victim like identity on past events that have occurred which allows you not to grow spiritually.

Understand and accept the concept of death before you die, allowing you to be at one merging both happiness and sadness to find true wholeness.  True wholeness in itself can be described as godly.

Use anything bad such as illness that happens in your life as an opportunity for enlightenment, realise that you can change the world by changing how you interact with things.

Challenges the concept of the ‘way of the cross’.  This is a Christian method of finding enlightenment through suffering; book suggests that a better way is to find enlightenment through acceptance. Has various analogies such as a ray of sunlight that worries about it’s demise it’s more enlightened if it realises it’s simply a ray of sunlight. Occasionally quotes Jesus or Buddha throughout text.

You have to realise what it is, is what it is, if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be.  Quite confusing, but makes sense and is profound in many ways. If you would like thought provoking things like: What do you have in common with somebody who it appears as if you have nothing in common with? Both of you will be a piles of ashes in a few years then this book for you!

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