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Quit Like a Millionaire: No Gimmicks, Luck, or Trust Fund Required by Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung

Quit Like a Millionaire

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Many potentially valuable insights are shared to help you achieve financial independence and success. Below are the key lessons that could transform your perspective on money:

  1. Scarcity Mind-set: Money is Worth Sacrificing For
  2. Money’s importance in the world and its value in our lives.
  3. The Scarcity Mind-set teaches us the importance of time and pushing ourselves to accomplish more in limited timeframes.
  4. Lessons learned from poverty: creativity, resilience, adaptability, and perseverance (CRAP).
  5. Follow the Money First: The Importance of Financial Stability
  6. Passion is good but won’t pay the bills. Prioritize financial stability.
  7. Pick a career based on its Pay-over-Tuition (POT) score for maximizing income potential.
  8. Disconnect money and time to avoid debt and secure your financial future.
  9. Smart Spending and Minimalism
  10. Three types of spending: baseline costs, splurges, and unexpected costs.
  11. Minimize baseline costs, indulge in occasional splurges, and reduce unexpected costs for financial balance.
  12. The relationship between material possessions, experiences, and happiness.
  13. Housing: Renting vs. Buying
  14. Use the Rule of 150 to determine whether renting or buying a house is financially advantageous.
  15. Avoid societal pressures and make informed decisions about homeownership.
  16. Index Investing: Minimize Risks, Maximize Returns
  17. Actively managed trusts have fees and risks similar to gambling.
  18. Index investing allows investing in all companies at once, reducing risks and fees.
  19. Modern Portfolio Theory helps design and maintain a balanced investment portfolio.
  20. Tax Optimization: Maximizing Your Wealth
  21. Maximize pension contributions and take advantage of tax breaks on dividends.
  22. Understand tax optimization strategies to legally reduce tax burdens.
  23. Mindset Shift: From Scarcity to Freedom
  24. Prioritize freedom over money, once basic needs are met.
  25. Financial independence as the ultimate safety net.
  26. Retire early with the 4 percent rule and target portfolio size.
  27. Geographic Arbitrage: Budget Travel
  28. Alternating between higher-cost and lower-cost locations for travel budget optimization.
  29. Strategic planning and resource utilization for affordable travel experiences.
  30. The Power of Optimization: Controlling Your Finances
  31. Differentiating between hustlers, investors, and optimizers.
  32. Optimizers who control spending and make smart financial decisions tend to achieve success.
  33. Understanding money simplifies life.

By embracing a Freedom Mindset, optimizing finances, and making informed decisions, you can embark on their own path to financial freedom. Remember, knowledge is power, and by implementing these lessons, you can transform your financial future and live the life you desire.

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