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Release Your Brakes by James Newman

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Based on NLP principles so prime yourself for a positive outcome(s)! Outlines how reality is solely your perception of how you perceive it. Suggests most people are not going about believing in themselves or trying as hard as they could, they have their brakes on.

Highlights the importance of visualisation.  Contemplate what you are going to do, using a positive mind to visualise a good outcome. Use constructive imagination to practice things such as speaking a foreign language, playing the violin or doing a sport.  Putting your constructive imagination to use can help improve your actual ability when you perform these activities.

Importance of high self-esteem is mentioned.  Self-esteem is based upon what people have been telling you when growing up and when people you interact with you.  It is up to you choose to interpret these accordingly.

Use positive affirmations, visualise these positive affirmations for around 10 seconds each.  Suggests having a list of these that you then look at least once daily to provide you with a great start to the day.

Inspire; outlines he impact on others that your thoughts and actions have – even if not directly you can perhaps change the world through influence!

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