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Speak to Win How to Present with Power in Any Situation by Brian Tracy

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If you’re good at giving speeches and able to articulate your points you’re more likely to progress up the slippery pole of career progression. Brian Tracy outlines several crucial points to perform a good presentation. If you want to perform an awesome presentation then I highly recommend this book.

The one point he stresses throughout is practice, having several dry runs including pronouncing out loud is very important. Make sure to get the time correct, know your audience in desail, not just the demographics but what they want to obtain from the presentation. Make reference or acknowledge any recent pertinent events that have happened locally.

When you present hold your hands forward smile and keep an upright body posture. Book mentions the importance of dressing up for the occasion (as opposed to dressing down). Interesting method to overcome overthinking and being nervous about the crowd think of you, they are on your side. Suggests the audience are behind you and want a good presentation that’s useful. Similar to a cinema, they don’t go hoping to see a bad film!

Contains tips about interacting in smaller meetings, for example if there’s somebody who opposes your view rather than having them sit opposite you instead sit close to them by your side so that you don’t feel unnecessarily antagonistic towards each other.

When ending the speech it’s important to do so powerfully. Often the format of a speech is: this is what I’m going to tell you, this is what I am telling you and this is what I told you. When finished stand up and stay still, when somebody starts clapping look at them smile and say thank you to this person. Keep doing this to others who clap, if somebody starts to give a standing clap keep doing the same to encourages others to obtain a standing ovation.

Consider changing statements to questions such as do you know how many …. this does per minute? Then say the answer. This technique can bring people’s attention to the fact. Of course remember to vary the speed of your voice and tone accordingly to add impact.

Has a nice story about two people pulling a (dead) deer by the tail. A helpful farmer then tells them to pull up by its horns, this that is easier but they then realise they’re pulling in the wrong direction! The main point is not to just do the easy thing but do the thing you need to do most efficiently heading in the right direction!

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