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Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life: A Former CIA Officer Reveals Safety and Survival Techniques to Keep You and Your Family Protected by Jason Hanson

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Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. This means that criminals are looking for the perfect circumstances under which to commit their crime. By arming yourself with the simple basics of surveillance you can do your best to ensure that you will not fit the picture of a criminal’s ideal victim.
Practice situational awareness so don’t just be glued to your smart phone. You can grade a situation depending on the threat level and act accordingly. 

Keep your head up, stay aware, and make a point to notice the people around you. Things occurring out of baseline suggests something wrong may happen. Be alert. If someone is following your pace or staring at you they maybe targeting you.

An example in which the author was being followed, he noticed this so he asked that person for the time, this then removed the element of surprise and he wasn’t mugged. If you are paying attention to the situation then you are less likely to become a victim.

Extensive survival kit recommendations are contained, such as food and water for three days in your car, and a year’s worth of supplies in your house. He seems to carry a lot of knives and guns as well! He mentions a reinforced tactical pen that is sturdy enough to be used as a weapon. 

How to escape duct taped hands at the front: raise your arms as high above your head as possible. In one quick, swift motion, pull your arms down and out to the sides as if you’re quickly pulling your hands past each hip.

If hands taped behind find something that has a ninety degree angle such as the corner of a wall, a
chair or a piece of furniture.  Put your taped hands in the middle of the edge and do a sawing motion until it tears.

To escape zip ties use a similar method but be sure to get the lock in centre first, this requires more strength.

Escape a boot – newer cars have a glow-in-the-dark emergency release pull. You should be able to locate that without too much trouble. If you’re in an older model car that doesn’t have an emergency
release? Don’t panic. Trunk locks are not especially strong. Get on all fours, and push against the
trunk with your back, this will hopefully pop open, depending on the vehicle model.

How to hot wire a car
1.Find an old car to hot-wire, insert a flathead screwdriver into the ignition as you would a key. Pound the screwdriver into the ignition with your hammer. You will want to turn the screwdriver just as you would a key that’s in the ignition. If you’re having trouble turning the screwdriver, use your pliers to help you. Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, this action is enough to start the car.
2. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws in the plastic panel above and below your steering column. When the panels are removed you’re going to see several wires under the steering column.
3. Locate the two red wires. These wires provide power to the vehicle.
4. Put on your insulated gloves.
5. Cut both ends of the red wires and strip the ends. Twist the ends of the two red wires together. (One red wire from each of the wires you cut. So don’t twist the ends of the same wire, but the two different wires together.)
6. Locate the brown wires; these wires connect to the starter. Some cars will have one brown wire, others will have two.
7. Cut both of the brown wires and strip the ends.
8. If there are two brown wires: Touch the two brown wires together to start the car. Once the car is started, do not let the wires touch again. They must be kept separate. You can wrap them with electrical tape to keep them from touching. This will also keep you from getting shocked.
If there is one brown wire: If the car has only one brown wire, touch the brown wire to the red wires to start the car. Once the car starts, separate the wires, and put electrical tape over the end of the one brown wire.

Breaking Car Windows
Should you ever need to break into a car to save your life, and you need to do this undetected, duct tape is going to be very helpful. Place large pieces of tape on the window in an X. This will keep the glass from shattering everywhere and making noise. Also, to break the window, use your tactical pen, or another object, to strike the window at the corners. This is where the glass is tightest and most likely to break. If you strike the window in the center, and the object is not strong enough, it’s just going to bounce off. Although not mentioned in the book, it is worth noting the base of a car headrest is actually used for this to escape a car in an emergency.

Think of developing a home defense plan which should include three basic tactics:
Flashlight and weapon (such as a gun, knife, bat, or other blunt object)
Family member who calls 911
A defense position where you will go to make sure that nobody gets past you.

Don’t sabotage a situation because you refuse to be flexible.

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