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Surrounded by idiots by Thomas Erikson

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BEHAVIOUR = f (P × Sf)
Behaviour is a function of Personality and Surrounding factors.
Behaviour is what we can observe.
Personality is what we try to figure out.
Surrounding factors are things that we have an influence on.

We all interact differently – broadly there are 4 types of people categorised as colours

Reds are stressed performance seekers, alpha leaders

Yellows are creative sociable & optimistic resourceful

Blues are perfectionist, analytical and often will use Excel

Greens are the most balanced and compliant majority of people, they can change with reason, put team above themselves

Reds, who only listen when there is something to be gained from it, or Yellows, who usually don’t listen at all (although they will normally deny this fact), Greens hear what you’re actually saying.

Blues argue that if they’re going to do something, they must do it correctly. If a task isn’t worth being done properly, then it’s not worth doing at all. Fastidious & master’s of detail more interested in gathering facts too make a decision rather than achieving the end result.  So a blue may take time to respond, thinking about something whereas a red would lean forward and get frustrated that action hasn’t already been taken!

Remember that most people are a combination of colours, including yourself so this might explain when an interaction occurs not as smoothly as you may hope.

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