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The Art of Witty Banter: Be Clever, Be Quick, Be Interesting – Create Captivating Conversation by Patrick King

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In response to a question or statement directed at you, you reply with your own statement that evokes History, Philosophy, or a Metaphor. This is a framework for answering questions. In addition you can mention a Specific, Broad or Related answers.

This can assist in introducing conversational diversity and allow you to regulate how much you speak versus ask questions. Emotion, Detail are Restate are three distinct manners of engaging with people.

Avoid Speak in Absolutes. Speaking in absolutes, especially with questions, makes conversation very difficult for other people. The other person may feel vulnerable to judgment. Instead consider giving options or asking a specific question based on an assumption.

When speaking to someone it is important to react, don’t be too passive, find the primary emotion being expressed and consider expressing this in a bigger and slower fashion. Allow others to direct the conversation, actually listen to them and don’t finish their sentences.

A conversation may stay on one topic or move to a similar related topic. Think of how a stand up comedian builds up their set with expertise cycling back from topic to topic. If you become skilled at word association games this it can help your communication skills. If you can highlight similarity and develop inside jokes this can assist establishing rapport.

If you want to spend a lot of time you can create a conversation resume, in a similar way to practicing how you would answer job interview questions. You may also want to develop ‘fallback’ stories that you can pull out when needed. Personally, I think this is a bad idea as you would then not be truly engaged in a conversation – more on autopilot thinking about your next scripted chat.

If you want to talk to a stranger, add a time boundary, such as am just going to the class but … This may make them less reluctant to engage in a conversation with you. In addition, you can use a ‘thought experiment’ asking about theoretical situations which can be entertaining.

Make compliments more impactful by directing these about people’s choices that involved activedecisions. This shows you are validating their choices and thoughts.

With explanations a short, ideally witty answer is often all that is required. However you may need a double explanation, with the second explanation being more in-depth.

Teasing can work but be sure to select an appropriate topic so it is good natured. In general if it is a short term thing that someone doesn’t hold as very important to their identity it may be a good topic to have some fun with. Delivery is key, and you have to make sure that people can take it in stride.

Comebacks can be based on two steps. You receive an insult, you agree, and then you amplify it to an outlandish and absurd degree. This can make you appear confidence, like the insult doesn’t bother you, and is usually humorous.

Feel free to purposefully misinterpret statements, in ways where you initiate a joke. After all life is about having fun!

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