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The Engaged Leader: A Strategy for Your Digital Transformation by Charlene Li

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What does it mean to be an engaged leader? It means being open, transparent, and using your power and influence to achieve your goals. And social media is a great tool for doing all of that.

Social media is like a treasure chest of possibilities. But before you dive in, remember the golden rule – clarity is king! Know what you want to achieve. Social media isn’t just for selfies; it’s a catalyst for change! 

You don’t need to participate in every social media platform out there. Think and choose the platforms that resonate with your goals.  Use time effectively to spend a few moments to use the tools – not excessive time.

Listen at scale skim the surface! Just stay in the loop to know what’s happening.  Detect some noise & important trends. Consider using some people as filters who can hone in on what matters and alert you to this.

Share to shape. Don’t just use social media to listen. Share your own content, too. Share your thoughts, ideas, and insights. Use social media to shape the conversation around your brand. You can communicate with all levels of your team & customers- potentially obtaining swifter feedback & co-create products. When responding to comments consider using “in my experience” and try to avoid absolutes and buts.

Try to engage with your audience to transform. Use social media to transform the way you interact with your customers and employees.  Provide me with the chance now with a comment and I will see if I can engage with you!

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