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The Fifth Agreement by Don Jose Ruiz, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Janet Mills

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The Five agreements are:

The First Agreement – be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity and say only what you mean.

The Second Agreement – don’t take anything personally.

The third agreement – don’t make assumptions.

The fourth agreement – always do your best.

The fifth agreement (new one in this book) – be sceptical, but learn to listen.

Book starts by saying your beliefs and values relate to the society that you grew up in. These beliefs are are put upon you, in terms of how you name things and act towards objects. Outlines the power that words have over people. One word can have several connotations, can mean nothing to somebody who is not from your culture or society outlines but a lot to others. We all are seeing life through your own particular lens and have your own perspective. In essence everything is in virtual reality, others see their life through their own lens. Builds upon this by saying that you should not take other people’s views too seriously. Don’t limit yourself due to what others think of you. They’re just constructing their own beliefs anyway. Realise that the whole of the world is full of people who are just living in their own bubbles, not thinking necessarily of other people in the way that you are viewing others.

Goes on to elaborate in detail that as everything we see through a lens we’re not looking at the real thing. If you want to change your life change yourself, instead of trying to change others. Similar to when you look in a mirror, you are just looking at light and a reflection. The meaning we give to a symbol is the important thing, we can choose what meaning we give to any symbol. Then suggests therefore we can really choose if we are in a personal heaven or hell.

Suggests that now you know the above points you can make better choices and enjoy your life. Interprets a biblical quote in which Jesus said “let the dead bury the dead” as most people are dead already because they’re not aware of the importance they place on symbols and the limits they have placed on themselves. Well-meaning teachers can inadvertently prompt you to inflict yourself with imposed limitations relating to symbols. These symbols don’t matter.

“You have no mission except to enjoy life, to be happy. The only thing you need is just to be the real you. Be authentic. Be the presence. Be happiness. Be love. Be joy. Be yourself; that’s the main point. That’s wisdom.”

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