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The Rules of Life: A Personal Code for Living a Better, Happier, More Successful Life by Richard Templar

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This book is written with suggestions of rules about how to improve your life.  Some rules are useful suggestions, some ridiculous and others clearly taken from elsewhere.

First rule don’t tell others about the book (seems I forgot the first rule).

Don’t be harsh on yourself – be forgiving when you make inevitable mistakes. 

Try to smile.

Establish your own internal values which will guide you, realise what’s important to you and follow your internal compass.  Provides examples such as nurturing your children rather than aiming to dress them in designer clothes.

Be willing to interact with other people (who are different to you).

Be open to new ideas.

Be interested in others, rather than focusing too much on the negative aspects of your own life.

Live in the moment.

When you’re planning things think about the potential consequences or impact of the opportunity. Uses the analogy of jumping into water, first check how deep it is, particularly if you can’t swim.

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