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The Rules of Money by Richard Templar

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Book has around 100 rules in which he states a rule then elaborates on this with examples or specifics.  Fairly sensible book about managing money that is not too dry and worth a read

Includes things like: challenge your assumptions about money – it is the love of money that is evil, not money itself. Realise that you need to work hard to get money.  Having to work hard is stressed throughout the book and strategically plan to do so. Don’t let others take control of your money for you, choose wisely who you take advice from about money and don’t squander or gloat about your finances.

Clearly spending less than you earn is crucial, think carefully about purchases, also avoid unnecessary depreciating purchases, pay off debts, avoid bank charges, invest wisely and plan for your retirement. Interesting parts about teaching your children about money management.  Suggests you should give them a monthly allowance so they learn to manage it themselves.  If you children are due a large inheritance at a certain age do not tell them about it so they learn the ethos of working hard.  

Warns against lending money to friends or family.  Give it to them if you want otherwise you may lose their friendship when they don’t repay you.  Ends with a bit about giving money away to charities that you deem important.

Regarding work, if you don’t like it change your job.  This is unless it is very well paid and allows you to do have other opportunities prior to leaving it.  If you like your job but don’t earn enough you can stay in your job but think about other ways in addition to supplement your income. Part of the learning is not to get stuck in a situation in which you are too busy to stand back and financially plan.

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