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The Science of Self-Discipline by Kerry L. Johnson MBA

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This book is surprisingly good! Contains elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) about self-talk, visualising and utilising positive affirmations. The importance of having a mentor, or if not a mentor people that you can model their successful behaviours from to replicate their results is recommended.

To get self discipline one must think about the long-term benefits rather than the massive task at hand. Brake it down and focus on one part at a time to achieve your long-term goal.

Sports: mentally visualise the successful shot first, replay a previous success in your mind, visualise a big red target where the ball will land.  According to this book your shot accuracy will improve.

Are you internally or externally motivated? Are you motivated by pain or pleasure? Understand what motivates you & reward yourself accordingly & construct your environment to assist you. Explains NLP techniques to reframe thoughts about failure. Think about the positive things you are trying to achieve rather than the enormous challenges that you will have to overcome.

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