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The Secret of Deliberate Creation by Dr Robert Anthony

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Book goes into detail about living in the moment – focus on now. Goes into massive detail to stress this point, suggests if you spend 30% of your mental energy worrying about the future and 20% of your mental energy ruminating on the past you are not able to be truly present to be your best self.

Law of attraction discussed in detail, think only about what you want visualise and achieve it. Uses pseudo-science to back up this point such as if you are vibrating at one frequency you will attract other things vibrating at the same frequency and Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Interesting how he tries to describe time as a concept to back up his live the moment thing and despite him appearing not to have a solid understanding of Greenwich Mean Time and Astrology in the process. He also suggests that loud dance music is not good for you as it means that you are lost in the music rather than being focused upon your true self.  Clearly spurious guidance in my opinion, anyway he does mention a semi-disclaimer at the start of the book.

Contains a few excellent suggestions such as generate a flip switch to be happy, to turn this on deliberately think of a good thought for 15 seconds then you will be more energised.

Most principles are similar to Neuro Linguistic Programming as they cover things like re-framing.  Although he does not specifically mention NLP at all.  Like the bits about no TV, stop reading newspaper as if you are reading about misfortunes of others it doesn’t help you.

Main points:

Live life by design rather than living life by default.
Focus attention on what you want then it will manifest.

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