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Think Like a Champion: An Informal Education In Business and Life by Donald J. Trump with Meredith McIver

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Surprisingly good, suggests that hard work, in terms of preparation is required before success. Quotes from many people who are inspirational determination hard work the importance of building a brand and trying other things also obtaining a wide based knowledge about other subjects not purely your own speciality are recommended by the author.

Outlines importance of living life with enthusiasm. Things occur unexpectedly therefore make sure when these happens deal with these with positivity.

Do what you say and say what you do. Put these in harmony your life will be better. Equally be wary that other people often will not do this.

See things that you don’t know as learning opportunities. Take challenges, try to be prepared and learn about things but you cant wait until everything is perfect. Learning is extremely important and emphasised throughout book.

Don’t think you know it all. Instead take the opportunity to turn every day into a great day, keep your sense of humour & be able to laugh at yourself.

Be personable but don’t take things personally.

Think about the audience, know them focus on their wants rather than yours & you won’t feel nerves. Trust or at least notice what your gut feeling is & consider what it is telling you.

Hold yourself to your own standards.

Never put all 100% of your assets in one basket / with one person. Don’t follow the crowd (otherwise you will be mediocre), but realise what they are doing. Make your own path.

Love what you do- passion is key to get through inevitable challenges.

Be well prepared by being highly efficient, monitor your use of time.

Work with people that you like. Every hire is a gamble. A good manager looks for positive traits of people that they work with (i.e. if you don’t at first like them focus upon the good things).

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