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Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO: 50 Indispensable Tips to Help You Stay Afloat, Bounce Back, and Get Ahead at Work by Beverly E. Jones

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Highly recommend this book about managing and progressing in the field of work. Book written by a lawyer so contains career development suggestions about how juniors lawyers should interact with peers, clients and network. Keep growing your network and build this up, don’t solely rely on this solely in a crisis. The importance of time management and trying to get a work life balance right are stressed as well. Meeting management turn up on time, well prepared. Attempt to reduce the number of meetings or time spent in these to make them more productive.

Main point is that you should be certain to add value for others and to all projects that you encounter.

Reasons to keep smiling, feels good, looks good, is contagious and rewires your brain to become more optimistic.

Contains a nice bit about how to take a compliment. Say “thanks, I am pleased that I could help”, share the credit, return the compliment but keep complement exchanges short.

To overcome imposter syndrome set specific goals, ask for more specific feedback when receiving praise and reframe your self-talk to be more positive, it feels good to have your hard work recognised.

If you are older than your peers in the workplace, to counteract ageism don’t point out age gaps, avoid saying “in my day”, show interest and don’t dismiss new ways of working. Don’t complain too much about your own health, instead highlight achievements such as a hill walk you did at the weekend. Importantly be proactive learning new skills such as social media.

Getting on with others and establishing meaningful connections are central themes throughout this book. If you don’t get a promotion or some job you believe you deserve show humility and be gracious and thankful. With this approach new opportunities may come to you. Be sure to act with class when leaving any employment, as opposed to telling people negative things about them.

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