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Today Matters: 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow’s Success by John C Maxwell

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Outlines that you should keep working today to improve yourself, over time has a massive effect. In addition expect life to be hard & full of challenges.

12 habits he suggests to adopt:

1. Attitude, maintain a positive one.

2. Priorities, make sure you work on the most important things daily.

3. Health, evaluate eating choices and keep scheduled make sure you have scheduled exercise times (treat these with same priority as it were a key meeting).

4. Family, make sure to spend time on what is really important in life… your family.

5. Thinking, spend at least one hour each day in reflection.

6. Commitment, keep your promises.

7. Finances, be wise with every expenditure.

8. Faith, strengthen your belief system through quiet meditation and study.

9. Relationships, life is all about relationships. Make sure you have a relationship management system and keep on top of it.

10. Generosity, spend time each day thinking and giving thanks for all the great people and things in your life. Help someone who can’t help you back each day.

11. Values, review your core values and make sure that your daily activities are in alignment. Eliminate those items that do not conform to your core values.

12. Growth, find ways to learn each day, either through new experiences or active learning.

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