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Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life by Gary John Bishop

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You speak to yourself more than anybody else. Your thoughts impact on your actions.

Rather than thinking you should do things take a deliberate decision to choose not to do things putting things back into perspective.

As you examine all the things you’ve experienced and all the things you’ve yet to experience, take a moment to examine what you are currently dealing with today.

Everything on your plate at this point in time is just another something in a sea of somethings.

When you are free from expectations you are “in a dance” with life where you can simply execute the plan, and deal with what happens. If it succeeds, you can celebrate. If it fails, you can re-calibrate. Don’t expect victory or defeat. Plan for victory, learn from defeat.

The expectation of people loving you or respecting you or a pointless exercise too. Be free to love them the way they are and be loved the way that they love you.

Improve your internal world, you have to start by taking action in the external world. Get out of your mind, and get out into your life.

Ends basically saying on your death bed you will regret the stuff you didn’t try to do so take action, get out of your comfort zone now, plan the things you want to do and actually do them!

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