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You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor

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Ever felt like your full potential is hiding behind some elusive curtain? Well, my summary of Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich” might help you unleash your inner wealth!

1. Your Mind: You Possess The Ultimate Remote Control

Imagine having a remote control for your mind. Sounds cool, right? Well, guess what? You already do! Your thoughts are under your control – just like having your own personal remote.

2. Mentors and Liquid Thoughts

Choosing a mentor is like picking your dream team. Just like you wouldn’t go to a sick doctor or an overweight personal trainer, ensure your mentor has the right qualifications. Now, picture your mind as a glass filled with thoughts. Pouring in new ideas is great, but watch out for overflow! Stay open-minded and let those thoughts mix and match. 🤯🥤

3. Perception is Everything

Ever seen a painting from a distance and then up close? Perception is a game-changer! Remember, the way you look at things changes your whole perspective. Keep an open mind, and you’ll discover new viewpoints that’ll flip your world upside down! 🏰👀

4. Money Talks and Goals Walk

Money matters, right? Set clear goals, make plans, and write them down. It’s like signing a contract with yourself! Crush your fear of failure with goals so big they make your heart race. You become who you believe you are, so believe in yourself! 💵✨

5. The Law of Attraction and Boomerangs

Think of thoughts as boomerangs. What you throw out there comes back in some way. Ever thought of positive energy as a boomerang? Check out our boomerang video! Remember, you don’t get what you want; you get who you are. Positive thoughts attract positive energy. 🔄🌈

6. Taking Risks and Excellence

The only person who takes risks is risk-free! Be yourself, give to others, chase dreams, and embrace risks. Excellence is the commitment to that extra 1%. It compounds over time, just like those interest rates – only way cooler! 🚀💪

7. Past, Present, and the Sand in Your Glass

Picture sand in a glass – some at the bottom (the past) and some on top (the future). Let go of resentments and guilt; they’re like sandbags holding you back. Focus on the present, and you’ll feel free. Push your limits, set goals, and keep believing in yourself. It’s time to live your richest life! 🌟🏖️

Unlock that inner wealth, take control of your thoughts, and believe in the power of you!

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