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168 Hours: You have more time than you think by Laura Vanderkam

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Book about time management, states people estimate how they use their hours wrongly. If you think of each week as a blank slate of hours then fill this time with things that are important to you.

Establish a list of what you want to actually do, then devote time to these. Realise what your core competencies are and devote time to these both in work and in leisure so you can excel at these. Ideal work involves getting into flow state, your competencies are being used and your are growing, testing your skills and 100% focused on the task.

Work on high priority tasks and decline invitations or work if these don’t help you progress with your priorities.

Outsource things- use food delivery services such as online shopping, food preparation, consider services to so your cleaning or laundry to free up time. To overcome time spent in terms of waiting for plumbers there are some people who will do these errands for you (for cash).

Presents figures from an American time survey which suggests people don’t spend much time playing with their children. Try to involve family members in tasks and do these together, otherwise if not possible and you don’t like them outsource them.

Stop watching TV this is the thing that kills time, schedule in regular exercise. Spend time with friends, this does help your outlook and assist you to be more optimistic.

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