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Big Mind: How Collective Intelligence Can Change Our World by Geoff Mulgan

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Perhaps best described as thought provoking not a great deal of personal learning points from this book, below is my summary.

If the gap between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and and Human Intelligence is narrowed major problems the world faces could be solved.

People who know how to harness AI are located in a few places in the world and therefore allowing all people to benefit from these technological advances is difficult.

Knowledge needs knowledge about the knowledge.

The three loops of active intelligence are:

Thinking about things
Changing the categories with which we think about things
Changing how we think

The more reflexive any group is, the more intelligent it is in the long run.

Cognitive economics: the view of thought as involving inputs and outputs, costs and tradeoffs. In applying this principle to every day life one thought about something means you can’t think about a different thing.

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