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The Key to Making Money on Instagram: How I Make Hundreds Per Post by Dave Wells

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Short book, firstly build followers, do this first by adding at least 10 good photos with hashtags. Then spend lots of time following anyone who followers your posts. Interact and like their photos. The first 10k followers are the hardest to obtain, after that it gets easier to build momentum, keep going until you are at 1 million followers. There are bots that can assist, the author recommends followerbot (note since book published this no longer works on Instagram).

Think about what niche market you want – get one that is popular but not saturated. Suggests starting with a broad scope i.e. dogs, then when you have got followers make more pages dedicated to different types of dogs and promote with your first page.

Don’t attempt to monetise this until you have at least 200k followers. The main way to make money are paid shout outs in which other people pay you to promote their page and making money via referral links. It is possible to semi-automate this. In addition make money by selling things via Instagram that your followers are interested in.

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