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Great by Choice by Jim Collins

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Book studies seven pairs of matched American companies, from different industries. The selected companies all started as Initial Public Offerings, operating in uncertain climates. By retrospectively comparing the matched company that did very well with the matched company that didn’t achieve as well they aimed to find themes. Ultra successful well known companies such as Apple and Microsoft were studied.

The learning points are quite brief:

Practice ‘productive paranoia’, this allows your company to stay in the game and survive enough to get traction.

You can’t control many factors, but you can control the efforts that your company does, therefore keep ‘marching’ in a direction that you can control. 

Fire ‘bullets’ often, these are small minimal effort, minimal risk changes. Until you are ready to fire your ‘cannon’ the large effort in the correct direction.

To turn strategic concepts into reality aim for your company to be opt the approach of being Specific, Methodical, and Consistent.

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