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Accidental Mind: How Brain Evolution Has Given Us Love, Memory, Dreams, and God by David J Linden

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Written by neuroscientist, initially undergraduate level description of neuroanatomy, synapses and neuroplasticity.  It was actually lovely listening to this and not having to remember the content for an exam.

Interesting bits about:
Tickling causes people to laugh – they cant tickle themselves as the cerebellum region inhibits this sensation
Synaesthesia – people can see sounds or numbers as colours due to way neurons are wired
Studies about people having orgasms whilst their brain imaged
Sexual identity explored and nature versus nurture question; not answered but interesting studies cited.
Information about sleep and dreams, you don’t only dream in REM sleep. Depending on your age and the stage of the sleep dream content is different. 
Confabulation and ability for brain to produce coherent stories which the person believes is discussed.  This speculates the reason we have religions as it provides an explanation that people can believe. 
Ends in detailed explanation of the process of someone blinking at synaptic level, then goes on to say a lot needs to be learnt. 

If you want a broad understanding of neuroscience this is for you!

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