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Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader by Herminia Ibarra

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Great book about leadership, one of the most important points is making time to change and develop yourself from outwith. This is different from introspective change, instead get inspired by experiencing new things, being aware of external things will help you develop.

Prevent being bogged down with the operation of day job and have time for some strategic oversight. Put yourself out there in positions of discomfort that will allow you to thrive. If you continue to do your same operational job on competencies that were obtained several years ago you will not develop the necessary leadership skills for future projects. Even keeping the same role will be challenging as jobs always have changing responsibilities, so keep developing or you will be left behind.

Contains one of the best explanations of the difference between management and leadership that I have ever found: “Management entails doing today’s work as efficiently and competently as possible within established goals, procedures, and organizational structures. Leadership, in contrast, is aimed at creating change in what we do and how we do it, which is why leadership requires working outside established goals, procedures, and structures and explaining to others why it’s important to change”

Best leaders work as a bridge between their team and others outside the team. It is important not to spend all your time with internal team work.

Outlines the importance of networking. Rather than doing networking when you want a new job, network prior to this, achieve a network by trying to build personal relationships with people. One of the interesting things this book outlines about your network is that it is typically with people who are in the same line of work as you. Instead aim to know people from all lines of work. Actively meeting people from different types of work and disciplines allows you to understand new concepts and ideas that may provide valuable insights into your own discipline.

Details the stepping up process. Leadership is a gradual thing, you’ll often not know the end goal of results when you at first try them. Have the attitude like an actor in which you are trying different things to find what you believe suits you well. Some people struggle with this is they think that they’re not being authentic but this is just a practical learning way. Hence the title of the book.

Realise that you may not know the end goal of you evolving in your leadership journey. Be aware others around you are not learning the same things as you are so they may not support the new leader you are becoming and they may want to treat you like the old you.

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