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What Every BODY is Saying by Joe Navarro

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Book about reading body language written by a former FBI agent. The main thing about reading body language is you firstly have to keep your eyes open and actually observe people!

Everyone has their own distinct types of body language and if their body language varies from their normal it maybe of significance. Mentions ‘pacifying’ – this is when men typically stroke their chin, neck or rub their leg; women typically play with jewellery around their neck or wrist. This ‘pacifying’ action tends to occur when somebody is asked something that they are uncomfortable about.  Noticing a pacifying action doesn’t mean the person is lying but it does suggest you want to explore this point further.

Gravity defying behaviour occurs when somebody is elated or pleased with something.  You can notice this by someone raising themselves up for a bit or by lifting their hands fully into the air for a few seconds with the arms straight. Think of a supporter at a game.

To tell if somebody wants to get away from you try to focus on their feet.  If somebody turns their feet to the door they may want to leave, could be a previous commitment or something you’ve said. If they don’t turn their feet towards you initially they may not want to speak to you in the first place!

Enjoyed the description of the stance that police are trained to stand in.  This is to fill space, with elbows out and legs spread to appear authoritative.  Seemingly undercover cops often get identified by adopting this stance when attempting to be undercover.

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