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Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller


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Two people go into a restaurant and have exactly the same meal, one loves it, one hates it, what’s the difference? It’s their attitude – having a positive attitude is very important for all aspects your life.

To have a positive attitude it is not obtained by about 10 seconds of positive thinking, it is constant positive thinking through most wakening hours.

Choice of words are important, don’t complain unnecessarily, if you do it is simply annoying for others. Focus your attention and energy on solving problem rather than complaining. Practice gratitude.

Possess a ‘can do’ attitude and try new things that you may initially fear, rather than avoiding them. After all, if you don’t succeed so what, at least you have tried. Don’t let regrets replace your dreams, take action.

Keep trying, if you are determined you will overcome inevitable failures you will face. Treat everyone you encounter with dignity and respect.

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