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Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

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This book is well written, very broad and quite interesting. There aren’t many learning points per se, general knowledge which is thought provoking and worth reading. Initially outlines how different species of homo were around with overlapping times frames. They were at times competing together and naturally evolving, suggets it was by no means a certainty thay homo sapiens would become top of the food chain.

Wide range of topics mentioned including religion, roman empire, communism, capitalism, lack of anaesthetics, lack of knowledge about infection and slavery to name a few. Even includes a bit about Captain Scott of the Ship Discovery (for international members ship currently is in Dundee, were I live, really only reason am picking this out).

The section on happiness towards the end of the book is worth looking at if you are focusing on learning about self development. Goes then into the future about speculative advances that could occur improving life expectancy. This is a long book that really mentions what has happened was fairly unpredictable if you objectively look back at events. Therefore predicting the future is difficult.

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