Buffetology by David Clark and Mary Buffett

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Buffetology by David Clark and Mary Buffett

Written in part by Warren Buffett’s former daughter-in-law short book that attempts to outline strategies for investing.

Suggests you should calculate the rate of return per year per dollar invested.

Invest in consumer monopolies as opposed to commodities, these are more resilient to competition less likely to be victim of price war. These include strong brands such as Coca Cola and Gillette which are hard to replicate and compete with. Ideally invest in one of these consumer monopolies before everyone is aware of the true value, before shares increase in price.

Invest for longer term rather than speculating for short term profits, utilise compound interest, wait for the correct moment to invest.  The best time to buy is when a great companies shares go down in value and you think this trend is reversible. Do your research well, only invest in what you understand and remember that you only need to buy a few great companies!

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