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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – and it’s All Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking over Your Life by Richard Carlson

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Short book that has lots of brief suggestions about how to improve your life such as:

Try not to get preoccupied with stressors in life or minor things instead let things roll.  Try to be more at peace with things, paradoxically you will achieve more rather than less.

Don’t finish other peoples sentences.

Do something nice for others and don’t tell others about it.

Ask what others are they trying to teach you.  If someone is doing a job slowly don’t get frustrated instead think about how they are trying to teach you patience.

Choose to be happy rather than right.

If and when frustration occurs think how this will affect you in a years time or what would happen if this were to occur than a year’s time.  This re-framing keeps things in perspective.  If this is something such as losing your wallet although annoying try not to make it ruin your week or day more than necessary. 

Recognise that life is not fair, this knowledge allows you to feel compassion.

Be grateful for things, this then spirals into you being happier as you are grateful for more things.

Seek first to understand others prior to them understanding you.

A technique for dealing with annoying people is to imagine them as an infant or baby and then as a very old person, this allows you to increase your compassion you feel for them.

Prioritise being flexible over being rigid, ultimately what is more important sticking to a schedule or doing the more important task.

Think of what you have instead of what you want.

Don’t look for cracks in relationships unnecessarily, instead focus on the positive things.

Aim to be open and listen to other people’s points of view not just ones that reinforce your own to show that you are correct.

Realise that you should opt to be happy now and not postpone this.

Inform people you love that you do love them and pay complements to people.

Practice random acts of kindness.

Ends with saying live each day as if your last, not to be reckless instead to simply enjoying your life as much as you can. 

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