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End the Struggle and Dance with Life by Susan Jeffers

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Main learning point imagine what if everything around you has no power to make you unhappy? Opt to be happy and let things be!

Do not be hard on yourself and aim for perfection instead aim to have fun whilst enjoying life.

Do not be a victim, instead be somebody who sees the inevitable struggles of life as experiences and challenges to learn from.

Set boundaries, do not try to control others behaviour you can only control yourself and how you react to challenges. Suggests people are addicted to control and are unsuccessful at controlling things and commonly set unrealistic standards.  Lose these expectations and pressures that you may apply to yourself, simply accept what occurs whether perfect or not.

At times follow your intuition, also known as higher self or gut feeling.  Take action doing things as per your intuition, being spontaneous at times rather than thinking everything through before undertaking action.

Some things can make you feel lousy particularly if you focus on a particular aspects of life. Instead focus on the good things and accept things as they are, things will be alright.

In summary do not let minor things in life upset you, be able to just let things go.

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