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F*ck Feelings: Practical advice for managing all of life’s impossible problems by Michael Bennet and Sarah Bennett

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Attempts to be a pragmatic and realistic self improvement book. Has slightly amusing scenarios with suggested responses at end of most chapters.  Written by what sounds like a psychiatrist with a sense of humour, in fact is actually a psychiatrist and his daughter who is a comedy writer.

States no amount of positive thinking can help you if you feel out of control.

Don’t blame yourself for bad stuff that happens in life and don’t set unrealistic goals (learn from experience).

Realise that external factors are often causes why things are not succeeding.  Don’t think you need to be happy all the time.

Try to do what you can reasonably expect to do.   Don’t compare yourself to others.

Accept your disabilities rather than hiding these.  Tell those around you of these so they can accept or help you, if they are bothered by this tell them where to go.

Life is unfair therefore don’t think things happen for a reason. When bad things happen don’t focus on these. Remove ‘should have’ or ‘could have’ and instead focus on what went well.

Don’t aim for closure or payback instead accept what has happened and do what you can do. Don’t attempt to take responsibility for others.

Lots of do not dos but does ultimately this book is about positive thinking!

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