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Six pillars of self-esteem by Nathaniel Branden

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Six Pillars are:
Living Consciously
Living purposefully
Living with integrity

Written by a psychotherapist who is an expert on self-esteem having studied this over decades. Starts by outlining it’s extremely important to have good self-esteem it’s correlated with happiness.

In part happiness relates to self-esteem because you tend to associate with those with similar levels of self-esteem. If you’ve got a positive self-esteem you’ll interact with people who perceive they have something important to bring to the world. Those with lower self-esteem tend to have a negative mindset.

Highlights that the value of integrity is regarded as positive all around the world across different cultures. Staying true to yourself, even if you don’t speak up or if you let your integrity slip by not being honest and only you are aware of this it diminishes your self-esteem.

If you have low self esteem you will be looking to others for approval or disapproval, rather than finding people to enjoy the journey of life with. Be careful not to self sabotage. Mentions continually aiming to strive for a 5% increase in desirable characteristics, thoughts and acceptance of yourself.

Contains information about parenting and the impact of different parenting styles can have on a child’s future self esteem. In essence don’t say to them they are very good or very bad, instead give them praise when it’s due and about a specific task. Listen to them and aim to increase their understanding about various topics (often by asking what they think) with questions and information relevant to their own developmental stage.

Contains a lot about psychotherapy with outlines of therapy plans for improving self-esteem. Touches on how different religions and cultures across the world perceive self esteem. To improve your self-esteem you will have to overcome laziness and a desire to avoid (short-term) discomfort.

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