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How to Control Your Anxiety Before it Controls You by Albert Ellis

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Overview of behavioural techniques to manage anxiety, worth a quick read if you have anxiety or treat those who do.

Challenge things you attribute as ‘musts’ only have these if they are actually necessary, such as a compulsory component of a course that you strongly desire to do.  Do not apply undue pressure on yourself by saying you ‘must’ to look good to others.

Includes examples about psychosexual disorders; don’t put pressure on yourself, challenge your irrational beliefs and relax.  States if you want your partner to unconditionally love you this is an irrational belief, by putting this thought in your head you will then worry so this won’t occur.

Irrational beliefs challenge these and don’t hold them. Think can you get on with the certain ‘irrational belief’? If yes (virtually everything is a yes) put this in context and do not be unduly worried about it.

Choose your ‘musts’ wisely. Accept things as they are at times realising you can’t control them.

Practice unconditional self-acceptance!

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