Laser-Sharp Focus: A No-Fluff Guide to Improved Concentration, Maximised Productivity and Fast-Track to Success by Joanna Jast

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You need some motivation for focus but motivation fluctuates and can be internally or externally driven.

To find your intrinsic motivation, seek how your current goals are connected with your deeper desires of mastering a skill or knowledge, of becoming autonomous or pursuing a noble goal, your personal mission.

Reward-driven motivators can work, but they often turn out to be short-lived and their impact wears out quickly.

Environment is extremely important to help you focus – try to minimise distractions including people distracting you.

Stresses importance of desk setup.  Be sure to turn off notifications and only check emails a couple times a day,

If you try to squeeze too many tasks, meetings, and calls into every available minute of your day.  Say yes to every potentially fantastic opportunity and cut back on sleep to find time to get it all done, you may accomplish a lot, briefly before it starts to crumble down and you feel burnt out.

Therefore be sure to manage your energy, not your time!

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