Lessons in Mastery How to Use Your Personal Power to Create an Extraordinary Life by Anthony Robbins

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Typical positive Tony Robbins talk which is quite a nice motivational one to listen to. Example of content (note the audiobook is slicker, more elaborate and well prepared but he likes repetition so these points would probably be a whole chapter each):

Who are you in your life? This is defined by your beliefs of who you are, reinforced by society’s expectations. How these expectations fit with you and how you choose to look at these then makes you who you are. In essence you can choose who you want to be!

If you’re feeling pain (that you think is caused by someone else) you need to either look at the way you’re communicating with that person (your process) or how you perceive their actions (your perception) or a combination of both. Identify these signals, then change your expectations so that you can change your life (for the better).

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