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Mastery By Robert Greene

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Recommend this book which contains examples of dedicated practice hitting the 10,000 hour mark to achieve excellence.  Suggests the old apprentice schemes for people such as blacksmiths allowed the critical number of hours to be gathered so that when completed they can work independently.

Great example of a famous scientist with stories before achieving greatness. Liked the gruelling self imposed training regime of a basketball player Bill Bradley (before becoming a pro Knicks player) part of this was keeping his eyes forward when walking down street whilst looking in shop windows at either side to improve peripheral vision!

Advocates getting a mentor, when you know what you want to do be sure to select the mentor carefully for skills you want to develop. Make sure you don’t just choose someone who is like you or your parents – keep developing humbly observe your mentor. The aim is one day to leave them & surpass them.

Elaborates about various techniques for coping with different types of people. Don’t get stressed trying to change fools instead observe them! Uses the analogy of a rock rolling down a hill, would you get annoyed with the rock?

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