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Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich-And Why Most Don’t by Donald J. Trump and Robert T. Kiyosaki

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Written by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki – main message is that most fail as they don’t fail midas touch reviewenough.  Note would interpret this with caution as this is just the story from two people; if you keep failing you may not succeed this book discounts luck and stories from many people who didn’t become successful

Suggests it is best to keep your daytime job and build your business in your spare time. It is important to build a business otherwise you just might be working for free for a long time.

Suggests being good isn’t good enough, you need to be excellent to be a successful entrepreneur. Focus is the main skill to develop, then know what to focus on.

Vision and focus = entrepreneur also key to being willing to overcome risk

As a business person you must become a generalist not a specialist so you can talk to every profession in their language, this allows you to delegate to experts and see the big picture.

Important to learn every day and understand the power of a brand.

It is extremely important to select business partners who act with integrity, they maybe nice people but you want business partners who have integrity.

There is a lot of mentions about both authors attending military school – suggests this is where leadership is taught, not in normal school. 

Get a mentor who has lived experience, imperative to take advice from those who know.  Both authors had a father (or a rich dad father) who assisted them to mentor.  Realise that generations may cycle in career aspirations, one generation may want the chance to be an entrepreneur, then then next generation may want job security and the cycle may go on.  

Trump highlights his involvement in The Apprentice series and highlighting his involvement in many aspects behind the scenes.  In business he mentioned he reduced costs down by signing checks himself which makes him pay attention to all aspects of business.

You have a different mindset if you are trained to work for money which focuses on receiving, rather than work to serve millions which focuses on giving.

Become leverageable, expandable, predictable and financeable. 

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