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Rejection Free: How to Choose Yourself First and Take Total Charge of Your Life by Asking For What You Want by Scott Allan

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See rejection how you want – people are as rejected as they make up their minds to be, this is only as important as you perceive it.

You can control the outcome of any situation where rejection is an issue, you have a choice to let it defeat you or empower you.

Dealing with rejection is all about how you handle it – didn’t get a job is that because you are not good enough or others were simply better suited?

If you didn’t receive unconditional love as a child but don’t think you can get it from others, you would come across as needy. Instead love yourself, focus on giving your love to someone in a way that you never received it, this will increase your personal value.

If you like and respect yourself, you’ll never have to worry about lack of love in your life.

It is important to keep trying and don’t miss out by being afraid of rejection.   Get out of your normal routines so you are comfortable with risk. 

Decide what matters to you as most important not what matters to other people.

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