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Minimalism for Living, Family & Budgeting by K.L. Hammond

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Outlines process of minimalism basically how to give away all of your things or sell these and not buying any more. Book then suggests to live in a small house with things that are multi-purpose.

Must admit am not convinced by all of the arguments such as when you buy a new TV it is primarily to keep up with neighbours and brag. Having upgraded to a smart TV from a cathode ray tube TV the functionality was much better & have tried not to gloat, until now!

Main benefits of minimalism are time saved from not having to worry about or maintain your things and not being in debt. Suggest that if you have this attitude and convey it to your children they will enjoy spending time with each other rather than being materialistic. People can live to different degrees of minimalism.  Getting others to support you and congratulate you when you are clearing out stuff can be helpful.

Includes minimalism budget; basic accounting (i.e. pay off debts, do not borrow unless absolutely necessary, try to have savings for emergencies); before buying stuff think very carefully do you need this? Want a rather dry introduction to minimalism then this relatively short book is for you!

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