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Never be lied to again by David J. Lieberman

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Very short book which has specific techniques and examples to detect if someone is lying. Starts off by listing body language signs (most people know these anyway) such as lifting a hand to the mouth, putting objects in between you and them and avoiding eye contact. Seemingly if touching you or pointing a finger directly is less chance that they are lying.

If somebody is quick to get their words out, uses words such as it ‘was not me’ rather than it ‘wasn’t me’ they’re trying to emphasize they’re not lying (they probably are), particularly if they then try to move on quickly to a new subject.

If you are confident (and not lying) you will try to make the other person understand the point and pay more attention to the other person. Whereas a liar who is less confident in what they are saying will pay more attention to themself.

Laughable examples such as if you want to find out which of your two sexual partners gave you a sexually transmitted infection.  Instead of directly asking did they give you herpes (both will likely deny it) casually say that you contracted herpes; one will deny giving it to you (the liar) the other will be asking questions about how long you have had it and be more fearful about their own health.

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